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My Experience of Dental Implants in Melbourne

My Melbourne Dentist is Awesome

I don’t think I’ve put personal post on this blog so I guess once in a while I want to show a little bit of my personal experience from every day, normal person. That way I feel I can connect more with the reader. I will start by telling one of my most memorable experiences. Here we go.

 I had one of the best looking teeth among my friends, but five years back, when I was traveling in a car, got a hit from the front car and had my two front teeth broken. It made me really scared of how I was looking. I recovered from the accident in some time, but whenever I used to see my broken teeth, I used to feel really very embarrassed about myself. My friends suggested me go to for Melbourne teeth implants, so that I can have brand new teeth and get my back my lost confidence.

 But I was too afraid to go for this type of treatment. After few months, when I got fed up of the ugly look that I was caring, just to avoid the procedure of dental implants, I decided to go for it. I called up the best dentist in Melbourne and took the appointment for next day. When I stepped into the office of the dentist, he obviously understood what I wanted from him. He was very calm and understood my fear and the anxiety to take my good looks back.

 He explained me about the procedure of implants and assures me that it will not pain that much, as they have got all the latest equipments; which make sure that the pain is almost negligible. From the next day my treatment started, the dentist and some of his assistants were all ready to make me look more beautiful and get my confidence back. They had patience of bearing my fear in every two minutes, but slowing I calmed myself down and still maintained their calmness as well

The calming atmosphere, the understanding and friendly attitude of the dentist and the staff and as well as the not to dangerously looking equipment, made my pain almost like nothing. The procedure of dental implants took almost two weeks, but when the all the procedure was done; I saw myself and looked my beautiful than before the accident. I was really happy and it made me cry to actually see myself looking so good. I was foolish to ignore the dentist, just thinking that it will hurt a lot, but it really doesn’t. Now when I go out with confidence, people compliment me for my good looks, which I got back because of the tooth implants done by my angel dentist in Melbourne.