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Taking My Kid to a Children Dentist

 Child going to a dentist

My last post was about dental implants and I would talk about things related with teeth again especially because this one is related with my family. Curious? Well, keep on reading my friend.

Parents can play a major role in making the child’s experience in the dental office a pleasant one. I decided on taking my daughter but then it was a hard task. She has been around anxious people of the family who has narrated their bad experiences on visiting the dentist. However, taking son or daughter to a children dentist or any other dental office poses several challenges. I first called the office to inform about my daughter’s needs and I was made aware of the treatment options and the way check-up conducted. My daughter is suffering from slight teeth ache so I fixed an appointment with a Coburg dentist who is famous for kid’s dentistry.

As my daughter is not regular with teeth brushing I decided to fix an appointment with an occupational therapist who is a behavioural professional teaching the child the hygienic habits and the techniques of oral care. He made use of visual routines and timer to teach the brushing techniques. I was overwhelmed with her feeling of frustration and anxiety over the unrecognised dental problem. However, the dental professionals at this clinic are highly proficient who could dig out the real teeth issue. The dentist was amazingly equipped with several techniques for calming my daughter. He used friendly voice and tried to pamper my daughter with slight humour. He then displayed the whole technique of dental treatment upon the toy that aroused the interest. With positive reinforcements, praises, compliments the dentist was able to win the heart of my daughter. To discourage negative behaviour he used smiles all the while. Dental fear is quite common among kids, and it is up to the dentist to handle kids effectively. I was impressed with the attitude of the staff as well.

At this dental practice in Coburg, the child is sure to receive only world-class treatment and check-up. Equipped with around 10 specialists, it can be called the child’s best clinic. They aim at having both children and adults get back on their feet to the normal lifestyle. With the use of state-of-the-art technique and program, dentists work towards the betterment of the patients. Through their research and expertise patients, receive leading edge treatment. You can benefit from a variety of programs if you have health insurance covering dental care expenses. Cover your child under Melbourne Healthwise program to reap the benefits and get free dental care checkups.

As for my kid, she would surely brush her teeth properly now. Even though the last visit reduced her fear, I don’t think she will like to go back there again anytime soon. For me, I don’t really mind as it will save me some cost and the hassle plus trip to take her there. So, it’s a win win situation I guess for both of us 🙂

It’s Australia Day tomorrow. Can wait to have a relaxing day with family and friends!