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A Quick Facial Break for Busy Moms

Being a mom is very exciting, but I’m not going to deny that it can be very, very exhausting. As a first-time mom, I can say that there are many things that I never thought I would be able to do and that there is also very little time to juggle a crying baby, work, and household chores.

In order to keep myself from getting all crazy and stressed all the time, I treat myself to a facial every month. Yes, in spite of my busy schedule, I make sure to give myself one hour of relaxation and “me time” before I go back to the world of crying babies, diaper changes, and post-partum emotions. Thankfully, Beauté is always there to understand what a new mom needs in a facial.

Beauté Facials

If you haven’t heard of Beauté at 2001 yet, then you I personally think that you are missing out on one of the best facials out there. Here is why.

When I first started going to Beauté, I told them that I am hoping to get a facial. Unlike other salons that market their most expensive facial service, they asked me about what the focus of the facial can be. Because I was stressed all the time, I noticed that I needed a facial that will help me relax the muscles on my face. What happened next surprised me because they took the trouble of giving me a diagnostic about the needs of my face.

This first encounter I had with them already warranted a five-star rating (if I could give it) because they actually cared about their client and they want to make sure that their client is getting what is needed by their body or their face. So, after the diagnostic test, it showed that not only was I in desperate need of relaxation, but I also need to renew the moisture on my face. They recommended the Hydra-Plus.

What is Hydra-Plus?

One of the most popular facials Beauté gives is the Hydra-Plus which costs about $140 for an hour. This package includes four steps in a skin care regimen, namely cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, and oxygenating. The facial treatment starts by deeply cleansing my face and removing all the makeup residue (after seeing how dirty my face was, I made it a point to look into double cleansing).

The next step was exfoliation where they applied a gel that has microbeads in it so that my skin is rubbed off of dead and dry skin cells. This exfoliation step was also very relaxing because as the staff was doing it, she incorporated massages that will help remove the tension on my facial muscles.

And then next comes the nourishing. The nourishing includes hydrating and moisturizing substances that will help renew the skin’s young and firm complexion. Even if you have oily skin, you are still encouraged to apply a moisturizer or a serum to your face so that the face’s oils are still balanced.

Lastly, there’s the oxygenated process. The oxygenation process is meant to keep your face from sagging. As a mom, I thought that this was unnecessary, but apparently, as you age, your skin starts to have less collagen which results in sagging skin. Knowing that it was part of the whole Hydra-Plus facial, I became more grateful for dropping in at Beauté.

Overall Experience

I may not be a skin and face expert, but I do know that Beauté’s Hydra-Plus facial is worth every buck. It might be pricier than other facial treatments, but I assure you that getting one these facials once a month already makes me feel that I am being taken care of.

To add to that, if relaxation isn’t what you want to focus on for your facial, then you can just consult the professionals at Beauté about your skin concerns. Not only will they diagnose your face, but they will also give you a personalised facial.

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