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Hangover Over: Road to Recovering from Alcohol Addiction through Physiotherapy

I am well aware of my addiction to alcohol and this is probably one of the things that differentiate me from other addicts. As I acknowledge this, I have engaged myself in activities and consultation with the hopes of recovering. However, there were some limits on how effective my previous solutions can cure. I voluntarily entered a rehabilitation center in order to curb my addiction.

Through residential treatments, support groups, medicine and behavioral therapy especially when it comes to situations where alcohol is present, my addiction was stopped for weeks. But it was back before I even noticed it. From that moment when I came to realize that I have grown immune to practices in rehab centers in a sense that it was no longer effective in preventing or helping me recover from my addiction, I then search for another alternative. It turns out alcohol and physiotherapy is a thing. Physiotherapy is one of the least noticed yet powerful remedy for addiction.

I have been constantly reminded both by my loved ones and my doctors the negative impacts of excessive alcohol intake. I cannot deny that I do feel worsening of my bodily functions. My alcohol addiction has definitely led my body to a fast deterioration. Thus, I have decided to visit Russell Thompson’s Werribee physio clinic. Most of what the expert there said are things and facts that I already knew. But, there was this one point the practitioner there raised which shocked me and made me say in my mind “He’s right!”

The doctor pointed out the main reason why rehabilitation and other activities I engaged it soon did not become effective. He said that despite attending those, relapse of addiction is highly possible because my body is not only weak but is still dependent on the alcohol. I never realized that in drinking too much alcohol for such short intervals made my body accustomed to that intake and eventually made it dependent on it too. Physical therapy is a two-fold program because it does not only facilitate a full recovery but also helps in preventing relapse. I have been amply convinced that physiotherapy can aid me in improving both my physical and mental health. Being sufficiently healthy through this program eradicates my dependency on alcohol.

The doctors in the mentioned clinic customized the set of exercise programs which I would be required to take. This was based on my current medical condition and the medicines and activities I have undertaken beforehand. By the end of my physical therapy sessions, I was expected to have established new lifestyle habits that do not include alcohol of course.

During the initial part of the program, I was given advice on how I can reduce the difficulty in the withdrawal phase. They recommended the consumption of food and vitamins which can trick my brain into thinking I am taking in alcohol. Coupled with this phase are exercises meant to improve my motor skills and strengthen me. A bit more particular, the exercises included but not limited to the enhancement of my cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, coordination, etc.

In just a few weeks, I felt a huge difference in the quality of my health. I was significantly stronger and I have little to no cravings for alcohol. I have no one else to thank but the well-trained practitioners. The same clinic offers holistic health enhancement through various services which include the physiotherapy, massages, pilates, dietitian, podiatry and others. Physiotherapy has numerous advantages for recuperating addicts. Although addiction damages a person’s mental or bodily fitness totally, this program perform incredible assistance to make the addicts recover and have better body conditions.

I now advise other alcohol dependent individuals to engage themselves in programs like physiotherapy before their bodies become too deteriorated to be recovered. All it takes is an initiative to change for the better matched with time, patience and effort to do activities recommended by the experts. I do not regret the day I took a visit to their clinic because I never have I thought that I can be as healthy as I am today.

Surely, the change of lifestyle and diet did not come easy. But it was the end that motivated me. I do not want to die young because of my addiction. Though alcohol intake is a way of enjoying life, there are certain things in life that would be left not experienced and enjoyed if I chose not to address my addiction immediately. With the help of my family, friends, the practitioners in that clinic and myself, I am on the road to full recovery.

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