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Health Benefits of Living in an Apartment vs. a House

apartment living with plantsThe home is one of man’s most fundamental needs alongside air, food, water, and clothing. The choice of a home often affects other aspects of life particularly health and safety. Protecting you from the elements – both natural and man-made – is something that all residential homes must be able to provide. The security afforded by a home is important for your own physical protection as well as emotional and mental security such that choosing to live in an apartment vs. a house should not really be that difficult if you really understand this fundamental requirement.

There are people who choose an apartment because of its unique hotel-like features and amenities. Some of the apartment properties offered by Chilli Realty are designed in such a way that they provide a sweeping view of the city which can translate to excellent and invaluable ways of relaxing and keeping individuals mentally and emotionally stable. Many apartments have balconies or porches that provide excellent view of the outside world. Apartment dwellers can unwind in these areas of the unit whenever they are stressed or require some thinking to do. In a way, apartment living provides some sort of mental and emotional health that is quite different from living in a single detached house.

Apartment living also allows for excellent social health because the residential units will be closer to each other, literally just a wall apart. And since there are common areas such as play areas, gyms, swimming pools, and other recreational areas designed specifically to be shared by the residents of the apartment complex, this allows for much closer ties between and among the different residents. This fosters healthy social relationships.

Additionally, since the apartment unit is technically located within a complex, security is superb. Every hallway is carefully monitored with round-the-clock closed circuit video surveillance systems and roving security guards. This provides additional mental and emotional health especially for individuals who may have to leave their residential units for an extended period of time. They can go on a holiday vacation feeling safe and confident that their residential apartment unit will still be there, safe and sound, upon their return.

Apartment living also has its other health benefits primarily in terms of conservation of physical energy. Because the apartment is part of a larger complex, any repairs and maintenance will be handled by the building administration so individuals do not have to worry about back aches and other injuries. Additionally, cleaning is much easier because the floor space is not really that big. And since apartment units are elevated, this minimizes dust and debris.

Of course, there are individuals who prefer to live in a single detached house. And the health benefits of living in a single detached house are almost the same as in apartment living. Perhaps one of the most important health benefits of living in a single detached house is the emotional and social health that it provides families. Because it has a backyard, this can function in a variety of purposes especially in hosting simple family events like a backyard picnic or even a Saturday outdoor barbecue party. This allows family members to get together, have fun, and strengthen family ties. This also makes it ideal for hosting larger celebrations where you can invite your friends for your birthday bash or the schoolmates and friends of your kid for his birthday. At the very least you will have the complete privacy of your backyard to yourselves.

Living quite distant from neighbors also has its health benefits especially if you happen to live next door to a neighbor who is fond of prying into other people’s lives. This gives you an added benefit of emotional health as you simply do not have to worry about being the talk of the town. Additionally, the feeling of living in your own private space with amenities all to yourself is something that many people find mentally and emotionally rewarding.

Now both single detached houses and apartments provide the greatest health benefit of all – physical safety and security especially against the sun, snow, wind, and other elements. This protects you from disease and other illnesses brought about by changing weather patterns as well as the presence of airborne pathogens in the environment. Comfort can also bring an added benefit in the form of physical and mental health. If you are comfortable in your home, then you won’t be stressed or anxious all the time. This helps minimize the occurrence of physiologic problems.

Apartments and houses have their respective health benefits. You simply just have to choose which is more valuable to you.

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