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The Beauty of Learning Music

I have always been a believer of the beauty of learning music. Music is played and heard in every important moments of our lives, whether it’s a birthday, a proposal and of course in weddings. But, what we often fail to appreciate are the music which surrounds us in our daily dealings. The whispers of the air, the beeping of the cars, and the chirping of the birds are some of the usual sounds we hear yet don’t pay attention to. To me, music has been part of our lives since day one and there is a certain degree of importance not only to appreciate it but also to learn it. For me, it is more self-satisfying to enjoy a music I play.

Learning to play music is fulfilling especially with the fact that I can play for my enjoyment and I can actually play for others. By the time I realized I wouldn’t be the only one enjoying the music I could learn to play, I enrolled myself in a music studio in Melbourne. Learning music does not come on a silver platter. With a lot of hard work, a tinge of inspiration and good mentors, I was able to harness the musician in me. Learning music is indeed a challenge I am willing to take.

Learning music does not only promise pleasure to the listener. Rather, being knowledgeable in the field of music particularly in playing it, one develops a deeper sense of pattern and complexity. This is in line with measures in music such as tempo, tone, range, blending and many more. I believe I developed a better ability in fitting two chords or tones together than before. I also have a better hand and eye coordination after sessions in the studio.

While it is true that given songs are pleasurable to our ears, music gives people the option to create their own sound and rhythm. I am definitely convinced that music can be an outlet for emotions. From choosing the instruments and rhythms you want to play, music gives you freedom. I myself learned to play different instruments and my personal favorite is the violin. It took time before I got a hang of it but it was really worth the effort and time. Music is very powerful. Learning music made me capable of expressing feelings which cannot be put into words.

It saddens me that music courses are frowned upon by many when it fact it contributes a lot in an individual’s development. The benefits of learning music is clearly underestimated by many of us as much as we do not appreciate the sounds we often hear. However, as I have mentioned, there is more to learning music than just learning how to play the instrument. Clearly, other skills are enhanced as our music taste and playing are. For me, after investing some time, I eventually found one of the greatest gifts learning music can offer. I am pertaining to the confidence brought about by playing for an audience. I used to be shy myself. But, being good in playing an instrument made me feel good about myself. Playing music is basically a good habit which enhances how people approach concepts and develop confidence.

While initiative is the key to learning, dedication combined with time and a lot of effort is also needed in learning music. When I started, not only did I find it hard to read notes, but also to play a single instrument. There were times that I wanted to give up and just push through with a different hobby. However, I thought of the pros and cons as I always do if I gave it up. If I stop, I wasted money and effort to go to the studio. To add to that, I wouldn’t be able to create valuable music for me and others to appreciate. These reasons were enough to get me back on my feet and continue to study music.

It is undeniably possible to learn music on my own. It was just my preference to learn from professionals who knows a lot more about the field. And now that I have learned a lot, I still believe that there are far more things I can learn as much as there are more music and rhythms left to make. Listening to music is pleasure in itself. But, being able to create music that myself and others will enjoy, is a more fulfilling act for me. Learning music is one of the things I would not regret doing.

I do hope you find my story interesting. I have more in store for you if you want read more of my posts. It is worth knowing that learning music can also be beneficial to health because it can relax the mind and be able to combat stress. So go ahead and make music be a part of your life.

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