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What Is A Facial Brush and Why Do You Need It?

There are a lot of ways to clean your face, but the question is, what’s the most effective way to clean it? Obviously, intensive facial treatments top this list but regular facials can be costly.

Don’t worry, if you’re like me and you’re looking for a more affordable way to clean your skin, you’re in the right place.

All About Facial Brushes

The first time I heard about facial brushes was when I was watching celebrities talk about their skincare routines on YouTube.

They seem to claim that the facial cleansing brushes they use help remove excess dirt and makeup that won’t normally go away if you use your hands. Since then, I started getting curious about it.

So what’s a facial cleansing brush? Facial cleansing brush literally means a facial cleansing brush. Usually, they’re brushes or electronic tools that have bristles at the top. Those bristles clean the face when you apply a facial cleanser.

Depending on the design and features of the brush, it can have a timer, a UV light, different cleaning modes, and a removable head.

Benefits of Facial Cleansing Brushes

There are several benefits to using cleansing brushes as told by dermatologists. The most popular one is a more effective cleansing routine.

Dermatologists claim that a facial cleansing brush is designed to remove more dirt and makeup. This is mainly because of the bristles and the movements of those bristles.

Electronic facial cleansing brushes have either circular or up and down movements that remove stubborn dirt particles on your face.

Another benefit of using facial cleansing brushes is exfoliation. If you didn’t know, regular exfoliation helps in making your skin look young and fresh. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week will already do wonders for your face.

When I tried using a facial cleansing brush, it was able to remove the dead skin cells that have stayed on my face for a long time now. What’s great about exfoliating with a cleansing brush is your skin is able to absorb products more easily after.

Lastly, a facial cleansing brush offers a standardized cleaning process. A trusted facial cleansing brush uses certain movements that not only clean your face, but also promote proper blood circulation. If you’re feeling a little dull, a facial brush might just help add color to your face.

How Do You Pick a Cleansing Brush?

Since it was my first time to buy, I was wondering how to pick the best facial cleansing brush. I’ve done the research myself and I found that these factors helped me in deciding what to buy:

1. Type of Cleaning

I was surprised to know that there was more than one way to clean the face. If you have more variety in your skincare routine, look for a facial cleansing brush that has adjustable cleansing modes. Look for one that can also do deep cleansing.

2. Timer features

Timers might not be that important to you but they do make sure that you don’t go overboard with the cleaning. Cleaning your face for too long might lead to rashes which are very bad on your face.

3. Price

Since I didn’t want something expensive, looking at affordable yet high-quality facial cleansing brushes were a must for me.

Depending on the brand and the features, the brush can cost around $50 to $200. The more expensive ones have sophisticated features like different brush heads and different modes of cleaning.

Overall, I realized that having a facial cleansing brush is so much better than just using my hands to clean my face. I feel more confident that I have no dirt and makeup left whenever I go to sleep.

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