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What Is A Facial Brush and Why Do You Need It?

There are a lot of ways to clean your face, but the question is, what’s the most effective way to clean it? Obviously, intensive facial treatments top this list but regular facials can be costly.

Don’t worry, if you’re like me and you’re looking for a more affordable way to clean your skin, you’re in the right place.

All About Facial Brushes

The first time I heard about facial brushes was when I was watching celebrities talk about their skincare routines on YouTube.

They seem to claim that the facial cleansing brushes they use help remove excess dirt and makeup that won’t normally go away if you use your hands. Since then, I started getting curious about it.

So what’s a facial cleansing brush? Facial cleansing brush literally means a facial cleansing brush. Usually, they’re brushes or electronic tools that have bristles at the top. Those bristles clean the face when you apply a facial cleanser.

Depending on the design and features of the brush, it can have a timer, a UV light, different cleaning modes, and a removable head.

Benefits of Facial Cleansing Brushes

There are several benefits to using cleansing brushes as told by dermatologists. The most popular one is a more effective cleansing routine.

Dermatologists claim that a facial cleansing brush is designed to remove more dirt and makeup. This is mainly because of the bristles and the movements of those bristles.

Electronic facial cleansing brushes have either circular or up and down movements that remove stubborn dirt particles on your face.

Another benefit of using facial cleansing brushes is exfoliation. If you didn’t know, regular exfoliation helps in making your skin look young and fresh. Exfoliating 1-2 times a week will already do wonders for your face.

When I tried using a facial cleansing brush, it was able to remove the dead skin cells that have stayed on my face for a long time now. What’s great about exfoliating with a cleansing brush is your skin is able to absorb products more easily after.

Lastly, a facial cleansing brush offers a standardized cleaning process. A trusted facial cleansing brush uses certain movements that not only clean your face, but also promote proper blood circulation. If you’re feeling a little dull, a facial brush might just help add color to your face.

How Do You Pick a Cleansing Brush?

Since it was my first time to buy, I was wondering how to pick the best facial cleansing brush. I’ve done the research myself and I found that these factors helped me in deciding what to buy:

1. Type of Cleaning

I was surprised to know that there was more than one way to clean the face. If you have more variety in your skincare routine, look for a facial cleansing brush that has adjustable cleansing modes. Look for one that can also do deep cleansing.

2. Timer features

Timers might not be that important to you but they do make sure that you don’t go overboard with the cleaning. Cleaning your face for too long might lead to rashes which are very bad on your face.

3. Price

Since I didn’t want something expensive, looking at affordable yet high-quality facial cleansing brushes were a must for me.

Depending on the brand and the features, the brush can cost around $50 to $200. The more expensive ones have sophisticated features like different brush heads and different modes of cleaning.

Overall, I realized that having a facial cleansing brush is so much better than just using my hands to clean my face. I feel more confident that I have no dirt and makeup left whenever I go to sleep.

Everything You Need to Know about Peloton Bikes: 5 Things to Consider

Riding a bike is one of the best exercises out there. I love it because of the scenery I get to explore and the places I get to reach. However, cycling outside is only good for certain seasons, and once it gets to cold season, it can be a challenge. Cycling targets major muscles in the lower body and is one of the most versatile exercises you can do.

If you want to replicate the act of cycling indoors, get a Peloton bike or smart bike, and own a machine which you can adjust to your body and your needs. Newer models even have an LCD screen so you can be connected to the digital world and be entertainment while you get intense and lost in your exercise.

1. Get a spin class right on your home

The Peloton isn’t just any bike; it is a smart bike, and it looks cool. Unlike other stationary bikes, it has an LCD screen that is sweat proof. You can turn your living room into one of those upscale gym cycling studios and get into the groove of cycling with this one machine.

2. You can work on your Peloton bike on any schedule

Do you have a hectic schedule? No time to hit the gym? Hate crowds? The peloton bike in Australia is something that can work according to your needs. You can exercise any time, anywhere. Once you have this device, you have no excuse to slack. You can have a Peloton bike and subscribe monthly to the virtual class. You can have access to up to 14 live classes daily.

You don’t have to exercise alone. Getting a membership will get you motivated and inspired. If none of these live classes appeal to you, there are thousands of on-demand workouts to choose from at any schedule.

Think about it; these classes are right there on your Peloton bike’s LCD screen. That beats going through the hassle of a live class which you may fail to make, resulting in expensive cancellation fees.

3. Peloton classes are great for competitive people

Even though you are riding at home alone, it feels like you are part of a group. Much like Flywheel classes, Peloton offers a leaderboard, so you can see who else is riding with you, and see how your pace matches up to the rest of the class.

If you are not into competing with others, you can race yourself. The bike will show you how you’re pacing against your personal best ride. How’s that for motivation?

Competing with others sometimes gives certain people the energy to do your best. If your goal is to get fit and healthy by all means, get competitive. The Peloton environment can give you the challenge you need because it makes you feel like you are part of a group.

Peloton gives you data or a leaderboard that shows you who is riding with you and who has an edge from the rest of the class. It kind of feels like an online multiplayer game, right? If you are not into competing, you can always get data of your own performance only, which includes your personal best ride. Peloton motivates you the way you want.

4. You get great instructors

You can choose your class using various filters. You can pick the class length, tunes, and even difficulty level. Best of all, you can filter by instructor. You probably have your favorite Peloton instructor, but each of them is certified and are full of energy to motivate anyone. Check out your instructor’s social media accounts, and you will see they have thousands of followers and are well-loved by their students.

5. The bike will cost you

The Peloton comes with many perks, and it doesn’t come cheap. Although you will save from real live studio classes, it will still cost you. Expect to shell out at least $2,000. You will also have to pay for delivery fees and memberships for classes. However, it can be worth it in the end when you get the fitness and health you are aiming for.

Final Thoughts:

Peloton bikes are the perfect union between technology and fitness, which proves beneficial for people who want to keep their exercise regimen indoors. You get to own a Peloton bike for a lifetime and reap its many benefits. Exercising on a Peloton bike will improve your muscles as well as your flexibility.

Finding The Best Fitness Machine That Suits Your Lifestyle

I work 9 hours a day, five days a week. Most of the time, I get caught in traffic so going back out to go to the gym is not an option for me.

A lot of people feel the same way, too. But if I don’t go to the gym, then how else am I going to stay fit?

This is when I discovered fitness machines. Fitness machines, usually known as exercise machines are equipment you can use for physical exercise.

These include treadmills, stretch trainers, stationary bicycles, and the like. You always see them in the gym, but they can also be bought for your home.

Buying a Fitness Machine for Home Use

If you’re not a fitness junkie, it’s hard to know which fitness machine to buy. For one thing, it’s already hard to know if you’re going to buy a treadmill or a stationary bike.

I’m not an expert myself, but it helped to get advice from personal trainers and to do a little research with fitness machine reviews.

To help you out, here are a few things that helped me decide which fitness machine to buy for my home.

Fitness Goal

First up is your fitness goal. Surely, you will not spend your time and money going to the gym if you don’t have any fitness goal.

It doesn’t have to be grand; a simple “wanting to achieve that 10,000-step a day” thing will already do. As for my case, my goal was to do cardio exercises every day because I spend most of my time at work sitting down.

This helped me narrow down which fitness machine to buy first. Personal trainers suggest having equipment both for cardio and for strength training.

Since strength training has proven to have a lot of benefits to the body, I decided to buy a few strength training equipment too like kettlebells and resistance bands.


Of course, it is still important to be practical. One of the main things you need to consider is the price of the equipment you need as compared to your budget.

Most fitness machines for cardio are more expensive, so buying one first can take a toll on your finances. However, you can always find a more affordable version of it. Just make sure that it still has good quality.

As for my case, I knew I can only afford to buy a treadmill and a few strength training equipment.

Other than that, I couldn’t buy any more fitness machines for a few years. If you’re like me, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. At least you can make the most of the equipment.


Another thing you should consider is space. If you’re living in an apartment, having a lot of equipment might just eat up the whole floor area.

So if you don’t have enough space for a treadmill, then it makes sense not to get one unless you find a treadmill that you can fold.

On the other hand, maybe you can use this opportunity to rearrange stuff in your apartment to accommodate your fitness goals.


And lastly, you should look at the quality. I might be a busy person but I don’t like wasting money on low-quality fitness machines.

This is why it’s important for me and for other people to always look at reviews before making a major purchase.

Looking at reviews will save you a lot of trouble in experiencing a bad product.

Reviews from other people who’ve used it can also give you tips on how to assemble and use it properly. Think about it as a guide before buying any equipment.

Overall, these 4 things helped me decide what fitness machine to buy. Hopefully, this helps you in your decision to move the gym to your home.

A Quick Facial Break for Busy Moms

Being a mom is very exciting, but I’m not going to deny that it can be very, very exhausting. As a first-time mom, I can say that there are many things that I never thought I would be able to do and that there is also very little time to juggle a crying baby, work, and household chores.

In order to keep myself from getting all crazy and stressed all the time, I treat myself to a facial every month. Yes, in spite of my busy schedule, I make sure to give myself one hour of relaxation and “me time” before I go back to the world of crying babies, diaper changes, and post-partum emotions. Thankfully, Beauté is always there to understand what a new mom needs in a facial.

Beauté Facials

If you haven’t heard of Beauté at 2001 yet, then you I personally think that you are missing out on one of the best facials out there. Here is why.

When I first started going to Beauté, I told them that I am hoping to get a facial. Unlike other salons that market their most expensive facial service, they asked me about what the focus of the facial can be. Because I was stressed all the time, I noticed that I needed a facial that will help me relax the muscles on my face. What happened next surprised me because they took the trouble of giving me a diagnostic about the needs of my face.

This first encounter I had with them already warranted a five-star rating (if I could give it) because they actually cared about their client and they want to make sure that their client is getting what is needed by their body or their face. So, after the diagnostic test, it showed that not only was I in desperate need of relaxation, but I also need to renew the moisture on my face. They recommended the Hydra-Plus.

What is Hydra-Plus?

One of the most popular facials Beauté gives is the Hydra-Plus which costs about $140 for an hour. This package includes four steps in a skin care regimen, namely cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, and oxygenating. The facial treatment starts by deeply cleansing my face and removing all the makeup residue (after seeing how dirty my face was, I made it a point to look into double cleansing).

The next step was exfoliation where they applied a gel that has microbeads in it so that my skin is rubbed off of dead and dry skin cells. This exfoliation step was also very relaxing because as the staff was doing it, she incorporated massages that will help remove the tension on my facial muscles.

And then next comes the nourishing. The nourishing includes hydrating and moisturizing substances that will help renew the skin’s young and firm complexion. Even if you have oily skin, you are still encouraged to apply a moisturizer or a serum to your face so that the face’s oils are still balanced.

Lastly, there’s the oxygenated process. The oxygenation process is meant to keep your face from sagging. As a mom, I thought that this was unnecessary, but apparently, as you age, your skin starts to have less collagen which results in sagging skin. Knowing that it was part of the whole Hydra-Plus facial, I became more grateful for dropping in at Beauté.

Overall Experience

I may not be a skin and face expert, but I do know that Beauté’s Hydra-Plus facial is worth every buck. It might be pricier than other facial treatments, but I assure you that getting one these facials once a month already makes me feel that I am being taken care of.

To add to that, if relaxation isn’t what you want to focus on for your facial, then you can just consult the professionals at Beauté about your skin concerns. Not only will they diagnose your face, but they will also give you a personalised facial.

The Beauty of Learning Music

I have always been a believer of the beauty of learning music. Music is played and heard in every important moments of our lives, whether it’s a birthday, a proposal and of course in weddings. But, what we often fail to appreciate are the music which surrounds us in our daily dealings. The whispers of the air, the beeping of the cars, and the chirping of the birds are some of the usual sounds we hear yet don’t pay attention to. To me, music has been part of our lives since day one and there is a certain degree of importance not only to appreciate it but also to learn it. For me, it is more self-satisfying to enjoy a music I play.

Learning to play music is fulfilling especially with the fact that I can play for my enjoyment and I can actually play for others. By the time I realized I wouldn’t be the only one enjoying the music I could learn to play, I enrolled myself in a music studio in Melbourne. Learning music does not come on a silver platter. With a lot of hard work, a tinge of inspiration and good mentors, I was able to harness the musician in me. Learning music is indeed a challenge I am willing to take.

Learning music does not only promise pleasure to the listener. Rather, being knowledgeable in the field of music particularly in playing it, one develops a deeper sense of pattern and complexity. This is in line with measures in music such as tempo, tone, range, blending and many more. I believe I developed a better ability in fitting two chords or tones together than before. I also have a better hand and eye coordination after sessions in the studio.

While it is true that given songs are pleasurable to our ears, music gives people the option to create their own sound and rhythm. I am definitely convinced that music can be an outlet for emotions. From choosing the instruments and rhythms you want to play, music gives you freedom. I myself learned to play different instruments and my personal favorite is the violin. It took time before I got a hang of it but it was really worth the effort and time. Music is very powerful. Learning music made me capable of expressing feelings which cannot be put into words.

It saddens me that music courses are frowned upon by many when it fact it contributes a lot in an individual’s development. The benefits of learning music is clearly underestimated by many of us as much as we do not appreciate the sounds we often hear. However, as I have mentioned, there is more to learning music than just learning how to play the instrument. Clearly, other skills are enhanced as our music taste and playing are. For me, after investing some time, I eventually found one of the greatest gifts learning music can offer. I am pertaining to the confidence brought about by playing for an audience. I used to be shy myself. But, being good in playing an instrument made me feel good about myself. Playing music is basically a good habit which enhances how people approach concepts and develop confidence.

While initiative is the key to learning, dedication combined with time and a lot of effort is also needed in learning music. When I started, not only did I find it hard to read notes, but also to play a single instrument. There were times that I wanted to give up and just push through with a different hobby. However, I thought of the pros and cons as I always do if I gave it up. If I stop, I wasted money and effort to go to the studio. To add to that, I wouldn’t be able to create valuable music for me and others to appreciate. These reasons were enough to get me back on my feet and continue to study music.

It is undeniably possible to learn music on my own. It was just my preference to learn from professionals who knows a lot more about the field. And now that I have learned a lot, I still believe that there are far more things I can learn as much as there are more music and rhythms left to make. Listening to music is pleasure in itself. But, being able to create music that myself and others will enjoy, is a more fulfilling act for me. Learning music is one of the things I would not regret doing.

I do hope you find my story interesting. I have more in store for you if you want read more of my posts. It is worth knowing that learning music can also be beneficial to health because it can relax the mind and be able to combat stress. So go ahead and make music be a part of your life.

Learning the Balayage Hair Colouring Technique

balayageHairstyling today has gone from simple to complex where new techniques and procedures are being carried by hairdressers in order to achieve that unique modern look that makes men and women appear more attractive. Hair colouring has been practiced for many years using traditional chemicals such as the typical dye and a bleaching agent called peroxide. This method is still being used today in many beauty salons however, a newer method known as balayage is also introduced. In the next passages, you will find out everything you need to know about this popular technique.

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a hair colouring technique introduced by French experts during the 1970’s. As opposed to the traditional highlighting technique using cap or foil, balayage is applied by hand. Although balayage applies best to hair below the shoulders, it also can be done to the shortest pixie crop hair. As such, balayage is then more common to women than men. That makes beauty salons flocked by many female customers.

The Appeal

Natural highlights can be achieved in different ways. You can either opt for soft and subtle effects to strong and punky style. Hair highlights is actually a low maintenance enhancement which you can do to hair because you don’t need to visit the salon every two weeks for a touch up. As your hair grows longer, the highlights remain in place making you feel good and attractive over time. In this case, balayage is great idea for those who hardly have the time to enter a salon more often.

Since, balayage does not require frequent salon visits, then you can save a lot on your hairstyling budget. Despite having your hair grow for another month or so, still, your hair won’t look atrocious. This is the case for as long as balayage is done correctly. Once you enter the best hair salon in Melbourne for balayage, you can just come back for a simple hair treatment after a few months.

How Balayage is Done

The balayage process is done in different formats depending on the hair length and desired result. Experts would either colour individual strands using a brush and a backing board or they would divide the hair in sections with foil or cotton wool. Another method is by teasing the hair in sections and then colour the ends in a freehand way. Balayage experts can always recommend the best colour and technique that fits your hair type and history.

For serious clients who like to maintain their balayage in its best appearance, a minimum of three appointments is needed to completely build up the colour desired. It is important that each appointment six weeks apart so that the hair don’t get damaged. At this point, you could go as far as four months without balayage application. All you need to have is a toner and a hair treatment such as hot oil or hair spa to freshen up your hair colour.

Is Balayage for You?

There are actually no boundaries whether or not balayage is fit for you. In fact, this colouring technique is best done on natural virgin hair. Although chemicals are applied to your hair, there is no reason to fret because different treatments are available to keep your hair smooth and vibrant. The good thing is that you can practice these inexpensive hair techniques at home with the use of over-the-counter salon items or natural products.

For those whose have been living with coloured hair, balayage is still a great choice of hair enhancement. Actually, this would alter a big difference in your dull hair especially if you have been using one colour for a long period of time. Balayage really makes a huge change in every woman’s crowning glory.

The Best Hairstyles for Balayage

Balayage is finished best with loose curls or some tousled beachy look where a variation of colours cascade through the hair. For sharp, strong haircuts such as bob cut, block colour or stronger colour are required in order to show off the cut. In a nutshell, balayage is best on long flowing hairstyles.

Top Maintenance Tips

Whether balayage is done at home using balayage tutorial or in a professional salon, there is a need to undergo hair treatment after. Given an interval of six weeks to two months, hot oil, hair spa and other conditioning methods must be carried out. This is to maintain the moisture and softness of the hair from root to tips. Should you notice dryness on the tips of your hair, consider a trim to take off the edges and then enhance further with a conditioning cream, hair protein products or serum. All these can be purchased in beauty salons or cosmetic and hair care stores. Grab advice from hair care expert and you will surely get the most accurate treatment.

Balayage is an innovative technique which can bring your hair style to a different level. For as long as a professional hair colourist handles your hair, sure you will love the results.

Health Benefits of Living in an Apartment vs. a House

apartment living with plantsThe home is one of man’s most fundamental needs alongside air, food, water, and clothing. The choice of a home often affects other aspects of life particularly health and safety. Protecting you from the elements – both natural and man-made – is something that all residential homes must be able to provide. The security afforded by a home is important for your own physical protection as well as emotional and mental security such that choosing to live in an apartment vs. a house should not really be that difficult if you really understand this fundamental requirement.

There are people who choose an apartment because of its unique hotel-like features and amenities. Some of the apartment properties offered by Chilli Realty are designed in such a way that they provide a sweeping view of the city which can translate to excellent and invaluable ways of relaxing and keeping individuals mentally and emotionally stable. Many apartments have balconies or porches that provide excellent view of the outside world. Apartment dwellers can unwind in these areas of the unit whenever they are stressed or require some thinking to do. In a way, apartment living provides some sort of mental and emotional health that is quite different from living in a single detached house.

Apartment living also allows for excellent social health because the residential units will be closer to each other, literally just a wall apart. And since there are common areas such as play areas, gyms, swimming pools, and other recreational areas designed specifically to be shared by the residents of the apartment complex, this allows for much closer ties between and among the different residents. This fosters healthy social relationships.

Additionally, since the apartment unit is technically located within a complex, security is superb. Every hallway is carefully monitored with round-the-clock closed circuit video surveillance systems and roving security guards. This provides additional mental and emotional health especially for individuals who may have to leave their residential units for an extended period of time. They can go on a holiday vacation feeling safe and confident that their residential apartment unit will still be there, safe and sound, upon their return.

Apartment living also has its other health benefits primarily in terms of conservation of physical energy. Because the apartment is part of a larger complex, any repairs and maintenance will be handled by the building administration so individuals do not have to worry about back aches and other injuries. Additionally, cleaning is much easier because the floor space is not really that big. And since apartment units are elevated, this minimizes dust and debris.

Of course, there are individuals who prefer to live in a single detached house. And the health benefits of living in a single detached house are almost the same as in apartment living. Perhaps one of the most important health benefits of living in a single detached house is the emotional and social health that it provides families. Because it has a backyard, this can function in a variety of purposes especially in hosting simple family events like a backyard picnic or even a Saturday outdoor barbecue party. This allows family members to get together, have fun, and strengthen family ties. This also makes it ideal for hosting larger celebrations where you can invite your friends for your birthday bash or the schoolmates and friends of your kid for his birthday. At the very least you will have the complete privacy of your backyard to yourselves.

Living quite distant from neighbors also has its health benefits especially if you happen to live next door to a neighbor who is fond of prying into other people’s lives. This gives you an added benefit of emotional health as you simply do not have to worry about being the talk of the town. Additionally, the feeling of living in your own private space with amenities all to yourself is something that many people find mentally and emotionally rewarding.

Now both single detached houses and apartments provide the greatest health benefit of all – physical safety and security especially against the sun, snow, wind, and other elements. This protects you from disease and other illnesses brought about by changing weather patterns as well as the presence of airborne pathogens in the environment. Comfort can also bring an added benefit in the form of physical and mental health. If you are comfortable in your home, then you won’t be stressed or anxious all the time. This helps minimize the occurrence of physiologic problems.

Apartments and houses have their respective health benefits. You simply just have to choose which is more valuable to you.

If you found this article interesting and helpful, click here to read more.

How to Choose a Good Chiropractor

chiropractorMany of today’s illnesses are primarily caused by a failure in the alignment of the different parts of the body. More often than not, the alignment of one body part to another gets adversely affected resulting in pain and other discomforts that also hamper the way man moves about and carries his daily activities of living. From low back aches to chronic shoulder pain to aching muscles of the back, these conditions can significantly affect the way lives are being led every single day. As such, work productivity is diminished and sometimes even social relationships suffer because of these pains and aches.

Thankfully there are members of the healthcare profession, both medical and traditional alternative medicine practitioners, who have dedicated a good portion of their careers to understanding what needs to be done to correct these problems. From physiotherapists, chiropractors, or even natural health providers, these are healthcare professionals provide a host of healthcare services designed primarily to reduce pain and suffering in order to allow modern man to regain full functionality in his daily life.

However, like all things, you have to be very careful about who you choose to provide you with such services because not everyone is created equal. Your best course of action is to check out credible reviews of these healthcare practitioners such as what Oz Top 10 ( is providing for the people of Melbourne. They have provided a list of the city’s top 10 healthcare providers when it comes to the management of musculoskeletal problems especially the joints and the spinal column. The different chiropractors have been carefully and meticulously screened and evaluated for the effectiveness of their services as well as cost considerations and other valued-added features. For the average Melbourne residents Oz Top 10 can be considered a website that has taken to heart the growing healthcare needs of Australians and Melbourners.

Of course, you can always perform the chiropractor search yourself. If this is the case then it is important that you know how to choose a good chiropractor.

License and Certification

It is imperative that you choose a chiropractor who is duly licensed and certified to provide chiropractic treatments. Because chiropractic often involves a good deal of spinal, muscle, bone, and joint manipulation you need someone who is certified and well-trained to provide such treatments. You do not want to go home with an additional ailment. Certification gives you the guarantee that the chiropractor is knowledgeable and very skilled when it comes to chiropractic.

Interpersonal Relationships

It goes without saying that you choose a chiropractic whom you can trust. Oftentimes, however, it takes a tremendous amount of time even before you can start trusting on people. Nonetheless, one good way to check if they can be trusted, in addition to their professional certification, is by looking at their interpersonal relationships. A good chiropractor must be able to communicate well with his patients in a way that is easily understood. This is especially true if you want to understand what exactly you are going through, why is there pain, or even what you can do to manage your symptoms on your own. Good chiropractors must also be able to convey warmth whenever they talk with their patients. They need also to be able to exhibit good interpersonal and professional relationships with their respective clinic staff. Humility and empathy are desirable traits of a good chiropractor or any healthcare professional, for that matter.


A good chiropractor must always put the welfare of the patient above all else. While they are not necessarily members of the medical profession, chiropractors must do everything they can not to bring harm to their patients and strive to only provide their patients the best and most appropriate chiropractic care. The principles of beneficence and nonmaleficence do apply in the all healthcare professions. This simply means that the chiropractor must be able to perform a very comprehensive and thorough examination or assessment of the patient even before a diagnosis can be made. Based on this diagnosis, chiropractic treatment objectives must be carefully planned and discussed with the patient even before its implementation. The patient is at the core of the chiropractic’s practice, or anyone else in the healthcare industry for that matter. As such, no two patient plan of care is the same simply because your complaints, while strikingly similar to others, are different because of your own personal psychology and disease thresholds.

Completeness of Resources

A good chiropractor must always have the fundamental resources upon which he can provide chiropractic care to his patients. This means that he needs to have a fully functioning clinic, well-staffed, maintained, and duly organized for patient visits and treatments. While they are not necessarily immaculately pure, the clinic must be well-sanitized and clean so as to provide a more relaxing and more comfortable treatment environment. His clinic must be staffed by competent personnel as well. From the receptionist to the clinic assistant to the maintenance guy, everyone must be able to work together to provide a pleasant experience for all patients.

Choosing a good chiropractor takes time and effort. As such, many would rather look at competent reviews about existing chiropractors to give them a head start. This is exactly what Oz Top 10 has in mind.

5 Tips to Consider When Looking for Good Hair Salon

We all want a hair salon that offers high quality services and can deliver the specific hairstyles that we want. It’s frustrating when you go to a salon and the hairstylist wasn’t able to cut your hair according to the instructions or style you actually wanted. Nobody wants to shell out money and then get a mediocre service in return. This and other factors such as messy floor, low-quality equipment, impolite attendants, broken mirror and dusty furniture make our trip to the salon more disappointing. Having a bad experience at a salon will always lead to finding a better salon that provides quality service. This can be a daunting task, but when you are guided with the right tips, finding one becomes after all, an easy job.

So, if you are looking for a new salon to change that literally causes you bad hair days, or you just moved in to a new location and is looking for a good hair salon, below are five helpful tips that you can consider. These tips have helped many people in Australia to find the salon that really works for them. For example, many went to Rakis Hair salon on Collins St Melbourne.

Check Them Online 

More businesses are now maximizing the social media sites such as Facebook to promote their brand and to reach new potential customers. The same is true with hair salons. It could also actually be a factor that you can consider when determining the credibility and reliability of a salon. No website or social media account may mean that the salon is of low caliber. When looking on their website, the design, layout and content are very telling of how professional and expert the salon, its owner, and its employees are.

Checking salons online will save you a lot of time, effort and money. You won’t have to prepare and spend on gas or fare just to go the different salons. Checking on them online is a very convenient way to learn about their background, reputation and services at the convenience of your own home.

Customer Feedback and Reviews 

Still in front of your laptop, desktop or mobile device like smartphone, look for customer feedback and reviews about the salons you are considering. From the sheer amount of negative and positive comments, you’ll be able to gauge how good a hair salon is. If you got interested in one comment or specific salon, you can even message the former customer who posted the comment to know more about their experiences.

Searching for customer feedback also saves you time and effort because it affirms the claims of the salon under consideration. A salon’s website may be saying a lot of positive things about itself but the customers say otherwise. So, optimize the Internet to know everything you can about hair salons.

Employees and Professionalism 

So you’ve considered several hair salons that you want to pay a visit. It’s an option to have a list of the top three salons that are good for you. When inside the salon, one thing you need to observe is the way employees greet and treat you. They should be warm and accommodating. Plus, they should entertain you immediately right after you come in and talk to the receptionist. The stylists should also be more of a follower of the instructions or styles that you want. He or she may suggest but should not insist on what you want. If you think his or her suggestions are better and will make you look better, then that’s the only time he or she should implement the suggestions after your go signal.

Reputable Hairstylists 

The primary reason why you go to the salon is the hairstylist. Aside from the hairstylists being able to follow instructions or styles that you want, they should be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for good styling work and services. They should be knowledgeable about the different hairstyles and know how to integrate them with the client’s suggestions to make the style much better. They should also be updated about what’s currently popular and what is the trend in hairstyling.

Accommodating Ambiance 

The hair salon is also where you ease your worries and stress away. So, the salon should have a well-organized layout and design. The best layout is one that doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic but, rather, a layout that is very refreshing and relaxing like the atmosphere is a breath of fresh air. There should also be complete and comfortable equipment and amenities such as foamed chairs and clean comfort room.

With these tips, you’ll be able to find a good hair salon that can deliver high quality services. More importantly, a salon that can give you the hairstyle that you want while ensuring that your stay is comfortable and worthwhile. You will then feel at ease that you are spending your money to something worthy.

Moving Away from Mainstream Medicine: the Naturopathic Approach

naturopathyMany of today’s medical professionals are slowly integrating many of the concepts and principles of naturopathy into their vast array of empirical evidence-based treatment regimen. This underscores the importance of a patient’s belief system as a major consideration in the choice of treatment options.

Why Naturopathic Medicine?

What sets naturopathic medicine from conventional medicine is that naturopathic practitioners focus on a holistic approach to addressing the patient’s health problems. This includes an understanding of the patient’s physical and mental status as well as his emotional and social wellbeing. His spirituality is also considered as a major factor towards his complete healing.

Conventional medicine focuses more on one aspect of the patient’s health. Usually it is focused on his physical health problems as a direct cause of something organic problem inside his body. The relationship of the mind and soul in disease-causation is not really taken seriously.

Now that is rapidly changing. Because of increasing conventional healthcare costs as well as the growing incidence of more serious side effects associated with drugs and other chemical treatments, more and more people are looking for alternatives that might give them the same benefit of going to a medical practitioner yet saves them on cost and has fewer potential side effects.

Naturopathic Health Products

Since naturopathic medicine includes a wide array of therapeutic modalities such as acupuncture, herbalism, homeopathy, and nutrition and lifestyle counseling, the health products used are also varied. Nonetheless, these naturopathic health products are all based on the principle that treating the patient should be as natural as possible.

Naturopathic health products can include the following:

  • Aromatherapy products
  • Ayurveda products
  • Detoxification products
  • Energetic products
  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Health foods
  • Herbal products
  • Massage products
  • Alternative health products
  • Spiritual art services
  • Natural beauty products
  • Natural health remedies
  • Organic products
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Yoga products

For more information about health products, click here.

The Professional Practice of Naturopathic Medicine

In the past most practitioners of naturopathic medicine were largely frowned upon by the medical community. Because the practices are not yet based on evidence, many of these naturopathic processes have been met with skepticism.

Nowadays, naturopathic practitioners must be able to successfully pass the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examination. However, residency training programs has much left to be desired as not all hospitals and clinics do accept naturopathic residents into their practice.

Benefits of Naturopathic Treatment

Despite the lack of solid evidence from carefully-controlled experimental and quasi-experimental studies, naturopathic practitioners believe that this alternative approach of treatment is beneficial in several ways.

  • Naturopathic medicine focuses on the root cause of the disease or illness and not merely content on alleviating the symptoms.
  • Naturopathic medicine uses only natural substances and other resources that can be found in the natural environment without the need for synthetic chemicals such as those found in drugs.
  • Naturopathic medicine is useful in maintaining a state of general wellbeing once the initial health problem has been rectified.
  • Naturopathic medicine is effective and safe for all persons of all ages.

Aside from these benefits, naturopathic medicine has also been touted to be especially useful among patients who have allergies, weight issues, arthritis, skin disorders, anxiety and depression, an enlarged prostate, back pain, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and irritable bowel syndrome, to name just a few of the more common.

Is it Right for You?

The ultimate decision to use either conventional medicine or naturopathic medicine is entirely up to the patient. Considering that some conventional medical practitioners are now slowly integrating some of the concepts and principles of naturopathic medicine into their treatment practices, patients are thus given the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of both worlds.

Although still not completely accepted by all members of the medical community, naturopathic medicine is not only an alternative to conventional medicine. It should be taken as complementary to the treatment options available in contemporary medicine.